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My Funny Valentine: “It’s something black, sexy, and I can’t wait to see you wearing it,” Said he with a mischievous grin .

“It’s something black, sexy, and I can’t wait to see you wearing it,” Said he with a mischievous grin .

Hmmm.  What could it be.  He was giving no more clues or hints or reactions to the multitude of guesses she made as she attempted to find what appeared to be the obvious answer to his riddle.  She knew him much better than that.  The ideas she had in mind were far too easy to be correct.  What kind of scam was he trying to pull on her?  Her wheels were turning as she created a list of possible and plausible answers, given their history together.  This would be their seventeenth Valentines Day together.

He laughed hysterically as she rattled of her list of guesses.

1.  A sleeping bag?

2.  A tent?

3.  A little black beret that I can wear while I paint?  I know you’ve told me I need one before.  I don’t even know what you think I look hot in?

4.  I know…something in spandex?  You biker people seem to really like your spandex.

5.  A limo?  Well, you said it’s something I can wear.  Technically, you can’t wear a limo.

6.  A new black velvet paint shirt?

7.  The last time you really stumped me, it was a worm bin.  I hope it’s not anything disgusting.

8.  Tar?  Tar is black why would you want me in tar?  Gross!

9.  Ohhh, I got it…it’s an inner tube.  You are taking me tubing at Snow Star!  You kinda wear an inner tube, right?

10.  One of our first dates was bring a friend day to scuba diving class and I wore a black swimming suit, in the middle of winter to the pool….is it a swimming suit?  You got me a swimming suit and you are taking me to Mexico for the weekend!  Right?

11.  A black dress is too obvious….or maybe that IS what it is because you know that I will think that that is too obvious, so I would never guess it.  Oh, you shouldn’t have.  You got me a black dress, a limo, and it’s taking us to the airport, and we are flying to Vegas for the weekend.  You are soooo amazing, I love it!

12.  It’s not any weird kind of food thing is it?  Not gonna happen.

13.  Sunglasses? I do need a new pair of sunglasses.

14.  Undies?  Better not be a thong, I hate those things!

15.  Oh, I got it, a new camera, or a camera gear bag!  But how is that sexy?

16. Ok, I got nothin.  What is it?

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