On Gardening

A journal, if you will, of all the goings on in my garden.  Experiments, projects, discoveries, successes, and failures.  All  learning experiences for me to share with you.

Winter Gardening Topics

Starting Seeds Indoors

Microgreens that take less than 2 weeks from planting to eating!

Tomato Seeds: When to Start Indoors From Seed

Marie’s Favorite Heirloom Tomatoes

 Basil Seeds: How to Start Them

Check Back for new posts on:

  • What to do after you plant your tomato seeds
  • The proper indoor growing set up for starting veggie seeds
  • how much and how often should you water your veggie seedlings
  • what size pots should you grow your veggie seedlings in
  • easy grow light set up
  • easy ways to make mini greenhouses from plastic salad containers

Spring Projects

How Do You Take Care of Venus Flytraps?

April To Do List

April Planting List

How to Safely Move Your Seedlings Outside

6 Reasons Why You Should Mulch Your Garden

Digging for Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes

How to Start Basil From Seed

What Can I Grow on the North Side of My House?



Heirloom Tomatoes

How to Root Curly Willow Branches

Summer Projects

August/September To Do List

Squash Plant Health

Are My Iris and Daylilies Dying?

How to Root Coleus Stems in Water

Fall Projects


Get a Greener Lawn with Compost or Milorganite

What Do I Need to Do When Bringing My Houseplants Indoors in the Fall

How Do I Keep Soil From Leaking Out of My Pots?

How to Harvest Sage For Drying

How to Bundle Sage Bouquets for Drying

Where to Hang Herb Bouquets to Dry

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