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Be a Man….What is that supposed to mean anyway?

If you have boys, the video above is 3 minutes time well spent.

Anyone ever told you to just “Be a Man”  How did that make you feel?  What are you supposed to do with that?  Today, I watched a video exactly that topic and how those three simple words can impact our boys and it got me to thinking about my 8 year old son.  What AM I supposed to tell him?  What am I going to say to him that won’t scar him for life.  How do I teach him how to manage his feelings, his anger, his sadness, his joy, his pain, his sorrows, his love for others, how to care, how to respect, how to gain respect from others?  My mind is filled with so many unanswered questions about how to find the best recipe for how to mold a happy, well adjusted human who knows how to deal with emotions when someone pushes his buttons.  I think I have found my topic to write about this week.  Stop back in a few days to find out how I handled this topic with my 8 year old.  Maybe it’s too early to discuss this type of thing with him, but I figure, the earlier he learns how to manage his feelings, the better off he will be.  Here’s hoping I get it right!

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  1. I find this staggering, and desperately sad. I guess the men/boys I know have always been encouraged to respect everyone’s feelings including their own, and talk about them, at least at home.

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