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Curly Willow Trellis for Vines and Privacy Screen

Did you know you could use dried curly willow branches to make a natural privacy screen? We did this last summer, left it on all winter, and then my husband placed these old plastic containers, that he spray painted this spring, in a row beneath the curly willow branches with flowers and vines planted in them. I just love them! Especially at sunset!

How I keep Oregano From Falling Over

Is your oregano falling and flopping over and shading out all your other plants? Here is a simple way to prop it up, and add a little country charm while you’re at it!

How to Dry Zinnias

Ever wish you could make your summer Zinnias last forever? You can! Read on to learn how.

The beautiful underside of a pink and white swirled hardy Hibiscus flower

Need Flowers in August? Hardy Hibiscus is the One for You

Hibiscus moscheutos : It is a Herbacious Perennial, meaning it comes back every year. Hardy from Zones 5-9 Height 3-7 feet Width 2-4 feet This plant blooms from July -September Full Sun Low Maintenance Huge Flowers from Reds, to Whites, to Pinks 3-5 inches in diameter Can tolerate wet soil Butterflies love it!

5 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden This Spring

5 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden, the Next Step to Protecting Your Investment: After you finish planting this spring, be sure to mulch everything with 3 inches of shredded bark mulch.  So you ask, “Why mulch?”  Here’s why: Mulching reduces erosion. Don’t let the wind or rain blow or wash away all the lovely top soil you just spent your hard earned dollars on to make your garden grow! Mulching reduces plant disease. Mulching reduces the amount of watering you will have to do. Mulching reduces weed populations. Mulch looks a heck of a lot nicer than bare soil, and is much easier to work with if you want to rearrange plants later on. Mulch prevents soil from splattering up on your siding during a hard rain. Find out if your city has a compost facility. You can usually get great deals on mulch and compost. In Davenport, Iowa, we can get a truckload of shredded bark mulch for $30! Lots cheaper than spending $3 to $4 per bag, eh? Compost only costs us about …