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No More, “How was your day today?” in This House….We’re Gonna Prove Cosmo Kramer Wrong!

©Marie Stephens 2014 All rights reserved

©Marie Stephens 2014 All rights reserved

I, Marie Stephens, hereby resolve, to do my darnedest, to never ask my husband, or my children, this question, “How was your day today?” again.  After reading the article by Glennon Melton…link shown below, I will try my personal best, to be more personal about asking questions that truly matter to those I love.  It’s a must read for anyone in any kind of relationship!

I am a huge Seinfeld fan.  I miss that show so much!  The clip above is a classic.  It’s Kramer’s opinion on what marriage is like…I hate to say it, but some days, it can feel exactly how he describes it.  I love my family dearly, but some days can feel so monotonous, and the habitual question….”How was your day today? “, is so impersonal, that it is hard to sum up the day in one answer….so…..we end up answering with, “Fine”.  But what is fine?  Wasn’t there an Aerosmith song about that?  And I don’t think “F.I.N.E.”  was an acronym for anything good.

After reading Glennon’s article about this subject, I feel much more equipped to do my peeps justice with more personal questions…hope you  have time to watch the clip above, and go to Glennon’s page…link below.  I think it is well worth your time…lots of chuckles will be had, and much insight will be received…especially if you are a parent:)


  1. I am mentally trying to figure the acronym for FINE maybe I shouldn’t… lol!

    Miss Seinfeld too (although in UK we didn’t get a regular dose of it)

  2. Great post and great article. Thanks for sharing – it was very thought provoking. I miss Seinfeld too. “serenity now” and the “bro” were a few of my favorites!

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