©Marie Stephens 2014  All rights reserved.
©Marie Stephens 2014 All rights reserved.


Always behind

Never caught up

The more work you get done.

The more work you make up.









Where did the time go?

Where was it spent?

Tree leaves are falling

On my cement.

Zinnias are gorgeous.

Morning Glories are glorious

One Glory survived,

Now we’re victorious!

The one that survived

and beat all the odds:

Vine chewing rabbits

Seed eating birds

Sprout stomping dogs

My childrens’ feet

Not one of these were able to defeat.

Could not defeat this defiant Morning Glory

This lovely blue flower

That gives me satisfaction and power.

The power to see

That all this work:

The planting

The waiting

The rejuvenating

The digging

The pinching

The pruning

The trimming





That all this work is never done.

That all this work can be quite fun

That all this work makes life more grand

Without it my yard would be quite bland

Without it I would lack for stories

For stories of Morning Glories who fought to survive

The elements, the animals, just to stay alive.

And that, my friends, gives me satisfaction and power

That started with one seed

One fine seed indeed

Who once got to going, grew with great speed!

Now that seed covers great space

Now My morning glory grows all over the place!

Blue flowers everywhere

Blue flowers abound

Up and over my tee pee

My spruce tree

And onto the ground!

And that gives great satisfaction

satisfaction indeed.

Gladly, I’m glad that we never gave up

The work it was worth it

The result filled my cup.


Iris and Daylilies: Are They Dying?

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watermark Iris lavender macro abstractIt’s August.  It’s Iowa.  It’s hotter than a monkey’s pattoot.  Why do my Iris and Daylilies look like crap?

Yes, we are in a bit of a drought right now, but even though you are watering, your Iris and Daylilies still might look a little worn out….and you know what?  That is okay.  Stop worrying, cuz every little thing is gonna be all right.

  • While Irises and Daylilies give us great blooms in May and June, they too, have a life cycle.
  • You don’t look perfect all the time, and neither do Irises and Daylilies….and that’s ok!
  • This is normal.  At this time of year, these plants start going dormant, so they will start slowly having their leaves dry up.
  • All you need to do is grab the yucky leaves, and with a downward and out tug, pull them off of the plant.
  • Voila, your plant just got a facelift, and all is right again.
  • Remove the leaves as they appear, and your garden will look more fixy, and manicured.
  • If you don’t remove them, it won’t hurt the plant, it will just not look as pretty.
  • Yesterday morning, I spent about 10 minutes yanking dead leaves off my Iris and Daylily plants, and it made a huge difference in how my front flower bed looked.  Now it’s not tired and saggy, like me in the morning.  It got a face lift, and it looks much better….now I need to do that for the rest of the collection.