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How to Prepare Soil For Your Garden and Why You Should Do It

Why Good Soil is Key in Protecting Your Investment:
If you don’t have good soil, you might as well just throw your money out the window and watch it blow away. Plants living in good soil with lots of organic matter and good drainage will grow twice as big as plants planted in clay, or backfill from when the builders built your home.  

3 Ways to Make Healthy Garden Soil for Healthy Plants                                                             

  1. Add Compost:  If you have poor soil that is hard, or sandy,  or clay like, and poorly drained amend the soil with about 4 inches or more of composted compost (the black compost) or topsoil, and then till it in down to 6 or 8 inches deep. Why? Compost is filled with nutrients your plants need to grow big and strong and to have lots of blooms.  Not only is it nutrient rich, but it also makes your soil more spongy to hold more moisture after a rain.
  2. Add Epsom Salts:  Epsom salt has Magnesium in it in the form of Magnesium Sulfate. Why Apply? Magnesium is one of the main parts of the chlorophyll molecule, which is what makes plants green.  Apply to the soil about once a month, as if you were lightly salting a steak, and you will have nice green plants.
  3. Add Turfus:  Turfus is a product that can be added to the soil to help break it up and improve drainage.  It looks like pea sized or smaller chips of rock.  Contact your local garden center or home center to find it. Why do we need good drainage?  Because most plants do not like to have wet feet all the time.  Soil that stays constantly soaking wet or standing in water will cause plant roots to suffocate, resulting in poor plant health, disease, and eventually, death.



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