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How to Collect Basil Seeds From Your Garden

Why collect seeds? I say why not?  Isn’t it kind of cool to save a buck or two and learn something with your kids at the same time?  Plus, you can use those saved bucks to go buy some ice cream or a cup of coffee for $3 and not feel so guilty! “I think it’s important for us and our children to know that it is possible to find something that looks dead and worthless, and know that underneath that withered exterior, lies the key to something beautiful and full of life that is fragrant, nourishing, and even if you don’t like to eat it, is still fun to scratch and sniff! ”  – Marie Stephens Aside from the idea that you can eventually eat the basil that emerges from these adorable little onyx colored seeds, do you see the beautiful metaphor about life that you can teach to your little ones?  Collecting seeds and being able to grow them on is a great lesson for that old saying “Never judge a book by …

Truffula Tree in the Making

 As my son and I were walking to school today, I spotted something so cool, a miniature Truffula tree in the making!  There was a Clematis vine on a mailbox with tons of seed heads.  The seed heads are almost an exact replica of a Truffula tree, only miniature.  For any of you who have kids who love the book, The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss, you should definitely try to find a seed head from a Clematis vine in your neighborhood.  Even the stem is shaped like the trunk of the Truffula trees in the illustrations by that beloved book.  I have a plan to try to spray paint the seed head with a floral spray paint to see if I can come up with something cute!  Pics on the way.