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My Oh My, Purple Potatoes?

Update October 19, 2014:  My family and I were able to enjoy some of our fall harvest…together!  I knew I missed having my hubs around on the weekends, but having experienced life without him every Saturday and Sunday over the past 7 months, has really made me appreciate the time we had around the table as a family today.  And, we got to try our purple potatoes!

The Recipe :  I had a small amount of little baby potatoes, enough for 2 adults and 2 kids, so I boiled them until tender, added about 1/4 cup milk, about a tablespoon of butter, 1/4 tsp real salt, and 1/4 teaspoon of dried dill weed, and finally about  1 or 2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese.  I mashed them all together, skins and all, and they were deelish!

Regrets:  Just wish I had more of these yummy potatoes!  I planted them in an area that was over crowded, so I was unable to do the cage method and did not hill them up.  I think I could have really increased my crop yield if I had a raised bed that was dedicated to potatoes.  I think I would plant half the bed with the potatoes, and then reserve the other half with extra soil that I could use to hill them.  I think that would be much less complicated than the cage method, and just as effective, if not more so.  Time to expand my vegetable growing area in the back yard!

Original Article from Spring 2014

Yesterday, I placed an order for some potatoes.  Where I will plant them, I do not know.  What I do know is that they are delicious and there are many reasons why I need to be feeding them to my family.

  1. They are full of nutritional goodies.
  2. They are purple!  How fun is that?  Purple inside and out.
  3. They have 235 milligrams of anthocyanins per 148 gram serving, which is about 1 and a half of these potatoes.

What are anthocyanins?  According to the Potato Garden catalog description of Purple Majesty potatoes, anthocyanins are a subclass of high-potency antioxidants shown to reduce the risk of several health issues and diseases:

  1. cancer
  2. heart disease
  3. cholesterol
  4. age-related memory loss
  5. strengthens the immune system

I felt like I spent quite a bit on a small amount of seed potatoes, but I can’t find them anywhere around here.  I am justifying the purchase by telling myself that I would rather spend a few bucks on something that tastes good, is healthy, and is fun to grow rather than blow money at the doctor’s office later on in life.  I’m thinking of it as an investment in my family’s health.  Hopefully the returns will be exponential:)  And hopefully, I can talk my boys into trying some purple potatoes this fall.   If you would like to try some yourself, click here to see where I got mine.   Check back soon, because I will be attempting and reviewing a couple of new ways…well, new to me, to grow my potatoes this season.  The cage method,  and maybe even the mulch alternative method.  If it means lots of potatoes that I don’t have to dig and scrub the dirt off, I am willing to try anything.


  1. Purple potatoes are so cool – and they are delicious. May your crop and efforts be a success!

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