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When is the Best Time to Put Down Crab Grass Preventer?

According to my horticulturist husband, the answer is…..”When the Forsythias are in bloom!” What is a Forsythia Bush? Phenology is the study of recurring events in the life cycle of different species and learning how such events are interrelated throughout that species and other species. Forsythias reach full bloom when soil temps get up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Coincidentally, Crab Grass seeds also germinate when the soil temps are at 55degrees Fahrenheit! Therefore, those yellow flowers blooming on forsythia bushes as a phenological symbol, or nature signal, telling you, “Hey! It’s time to throw down some Crab Grass preventer!” The above link is an affiliate link. Gardenshapers earns a commission on all purchases made from clicking this link. Thanks for supporting our site!

2 Best Organic Fertilizers to Get a Greener Lawn

Here’s another free gardening tip for the month of April or in the fall!   Want to have the greenest lawn on the block?  Here’s how:  Find a pickup truck. Find your local compost facility Order up a truckload of compost Haul it back home and spread it evenly over your yard, about a 1/2 inch thick layer over the lawn. Rake it in. Enjoy all the compliments you’ll be getting over the next few weeks as your neighbors oo and ahhh over how lush your grass looks! This is great to do once a year or every couple of years. Why does it work?  It supplements your lawn with much needed organic matter and nutrients. WARNING:  You might have to mow a lot more often! If you’d rather not deal with the compost method, milorganite is a natural alternative.  Milorganite releases nitrogen slowly to your lawn and ornamentals in a form readily available to plants.  There is no need to water it in either! What is Milorganite? Purchase a bag of pelletized milorganite from …