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How to Root Coleus

Ahhhh, the Coleus….with it’s beautiful, vibrant color combinations, and intricately shaped leaf edgings, it’s no wonder we all wish they could last forever!

Topiary Lounge Furniture : How I Up-Cycled an Old Victorian Love Seat into a Living Garden Sculpture Using the Best Perennial Groundcover Plants in the Midwest

The time had come to make a decision, either get rid of the beloved love seat, or do the one big thing that had been on my horticultural bucket list for the past 10 years..Turn the love seat into a live Topiary sculpture.  I was up to the challenge.  After all, how hard could it be?  I had a 7 month old baby,  and a Kindergartener. I needed something to do in between naps, diaper changes, school pick ups and drop offs anyway right? So why not?

Sedum: 10 Ways to Use It

Ground covers Earth Sculptures Stuffed Topiary Containers Framed Outdoor Wall Art Rooftop Gardens Living Walls Living Wreaths Kissing Balls and Pomanders Table Centerpieces Sedum Couch:  This is a real couch that I stuffed and covered with sedum.  It survived a zone 4 winter, and is still looking good for the 2nd season!  My cat, Uno, was being a good sport by posing for me.  Now that’s what I call a topiary. Find Sedum Cuttings for your own projects