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There’s a Snake in My Couch! True Story

2004_0601flowerpicsmemday0186Yes, you read it correctly.  I will be working on this week’s challenge by telling the story of :  The Snake in the Couch.  This is a true story that took place in 2005 in our house nestled in the rolling hills of Mount Ayr, Iowa.  First, I will be telling the story from my point of view….as I was the first discoverer of said snake.  Secondly, with the help of my beloved husband, Tim, we will be telling the story from the snake’s point of view.  If time allows, maybe I can talk Tim into telling the story from his point of view…..and then even from Harrison’s point of view…although he was only a few months old at the time!

So stay tuned to watch the story unfold.  It’s a good one.




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