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My Brand New “White” Gardening Shirt

My Brand New “White” Gardening Shirt   I can’t believe I spent $40 on a long sleeved shirt, that actually complimented my figure, only to get it stained with chlorophyll by scratchy tomato leaves and equally scratchy and itchy hops vines.  My once pure white beautiful shirt is no longer pure.  It’s filthy!  But, I am not itchy or scratchy.  I bought it for our family hiking trip to Utah this summer, and also thinking hey, I could use a shirt that offers UV protection while I’m out in the garden, as I really dislike using sunscreen.  It seems so impractical to buy a new shirt, knowing that I am going to ruin it, but if it means avoiding greasy sunscreen everywhere, and less scratches all over my arms, I guess the shirt is worth sacrificing.