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Went out for a walk, 

ran into you.

Wanted to talk,

but you had so much to do.

Staring at your screen,

staring down as you walked.

More important than me was that screen,

so I walked.

I walked alone and I waved so long to you.

You, with more important things to do.

Like texting, or Facebook, or surfing the web,

from your hand held device, or iPhone instead.

Instead of looking up, at the world all around you,

You chose your electronics, your wifi, to surround you.

I’m no better than you, rest assured.

As I point one finger at you,

there is not a first, nor a second, but a third.

A third digit pointing right back at me.

I have counted them, yes, there are three.

That’s three times I can guarantee.

At least three times I have been guilty of the same damn thing.

Ignoring my loved ones as they have tried to connect.

But I had too much to do.

Too many friends to request,

too many pictures to like,

too many thoughts to post, to think of, to write.

And in so doing my best,

to connect with those in my nest,

I failed a simple test.

I forgot what’s most important, what I so need to do.

And that is to remember the importance of you.

You are right here, right next to me now.

You should come first, not some digital device.

Why is it so hard to heed my own advice?

©Marie Stephens 2014 All rights reserved

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